Reading Challenge 2016

Last year I was gutted because I read 46 out of 50 in my 2015 reading challenge, I missed by 4. WORST NEW YEARS EVER!  That’s a bit harsh but I genuinely hate missing targets by so small a margin…in fact I think I would have been less annoyed if I had missed by 14 not 4!

In terms of 2015, my book stats go as follows;

Read: 46/50 

Bought: 50+ books

Most read genre: Y/A Fantasy & Contemporary

Average book length: 300+ pages

Best Read Book: Heir Of Fire – Sarah J. Maas

Average rating: 3/5 Stars


SO! This year I am determined to complete my goal, so far, as in July 2016 I have read 24 books. Im a little behind on my goal but studying and prepping for university has distracted me over the past few months, however its now summer and I can read all I want.

So wish me luck,

Happy Reading.

(p.s this is my first blog post, any tips and tricks? help would be greatly appreciated!)

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3 thoughts on “Reading Challenge 2016

  1. I think I missed mine by four books as well last year! But this year, I decided to have my reading goal be 1 book, and honestly it feels great to see my progress be at like 2500% haha. But welcome to blogging! Once you get into your groove and fill out the rest of your site, it will look wonderful! I’m always available to give tips and tricks or if you have questions. Good luck!

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