Top 5 Wednesday – 5 Most unlikable characters.

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So today is my first attempt at joining on to the Top 5 Wednesday bandwagon. I think this is such a great way to “think out side of the box” in terms of reading and even to give you the chance to reevaluate your opinions of characters and the books themselves.

Top 5 Wednesday is a tag and challenge group hosted and created by Lainey over at Ginger Reads Lainey on youtube, (Below is the link to Laineys youtube channel and the official Goodreads group)

This weeks topic is:

Top 5 Most Unlikable characters

1. Jacob Black – The Twilight Saga

Ok so I totally know that this opinion of mine is so controversial but what can you do, Im being honest here. Regardless of all the negative attention Twilight gets, it will always have a special place in my heart because it was the series that got me reading again and I genuinely love the series.
However one thing I didn’t love was Jacob, I understand that he was needed for the story line but OMG he bored me to tears, I remember my first time reading Breaking Dawn and I thought I wasn’t going to make it through because of the section set all in Jacobs point of view. Jacob didn’t necessarily do anything to cause me to unlike him but he is just a character I do not care for and hence why he has made it onto my list!


2. Alaska Young – Looking for Alaska 

I cant quite put my finger on why I dislike Alaska so much, this is generally the opinion I’ve had since reading Looking for Alaska in 2014. I think regardless of the story line, her personality and actions were to exaggerated and therefore making her unlikable. Alaska’s conflicting emotions and her actions towards Miles just bugged me from day one, so much so that I put down the book and it took me at least 3 days to pick it up again. So based on her personality, Alaska definitely makes my top 5 unlikable characters.




3. Clary Fray – The Mortal Instruments series

Now do not get me wrong, I LOVE this series but I sometimes just find Clary a bit whiny and basically just a pain in the bum. I think without the personality influence from the likes of Jace and Simon, Clary would be a very very hard character to like in this series. What I mean by that is, through the influence of other characters, especially Jace and Isabelle. Clary becomes a lot more likable and a lot more kickass whereas when she is by herself her personality is very bland and boring. So this is the reason she makes my top 5 most unlikable characters. (P.s this is a bit of a cheat because I like her sometimes.


4. Margo Roth Spiegelman – Paper Towns 

OH SHE ANNOYED ME. I think Margo may be my most disliked character in any book I’ve ever read….ok that was an exaggeration, that one is coming next. The book as a whole I think would have been amazing as a road trip story about two best friends, without any hint of a love interest. I just didn’t see the need. However, that had nothing to do with my opinion of Margo, this, very much like my opinion of Clary from the Mortal Instruments is solely based on her obnoxious personality and her immense sense of self importance. It just annoyed me, this will probably be quite a controversial opinion but its true, she bugged me.


5. Daisy Buchanan – The Great Gatsby

I studies this book this year for my English literature class (hence the tabs you can see in the picture), and before that I HATED Daisy but now after studying it I’ve came to the conclusion that I generally just cannot stand the woman. Daisy Buchanan is the most audacious, self centered character I have ever came into contact with through all my reading experience. Manipulation, money and looks are what makes Daisy Buchanan and to me that makes her extremely unlikable. Never mind the fact that she cheats on her husband, kills her husbands lover and then lets Gatsby take the blame for it…no no. I definitely do not like Daisy Buchanan.

And that everyone is my very first Top 5 Wednesday contribution, I really enjoyed this but this topic was pretty hard. Im going to try and keep doing this every Wednesday for the foreseeable future and if you like it then stick around!

Question of the week!

Who is your most unlikable character and why??

Happy reading everyone,

Lish x

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45 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday – 5 Most unlikable characters.

  1. I definitely am going to start T5W next month, I found out about it last week and decided, to just start in August. I didn’t like Jacob so much also and yes Clary had her moments.


  2. I really enjoyed this post! I really like John Green’s books, but I see your points about Alaska and Margot! The Great Gatsby is my all-time favorite book (I re-read it every year), but I totally agree with you about Daisy! Ugh!!

    For me, the most unlikable character I’ve found is Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter.


  3. I’ve read all those books except the last one (I really want to read the Great Gatsby someday) and omg I agree!!! It feels so nice to know someone agrees with you. Everyone thinks Clary is so amazing, but actually she’s whiny. And omg Margo! Everything has to be about her! I didn’t really see the point of Paper Towns, I didn’t like it all that much. Very nice answers! -Lyca

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    1. The Great Gatsby is good! I love the 1920s setting hehe. I know it’s great when you find someone that agrees with you. I agree about Paper Towns! It kinda bored me. Thank you very much! Lish x

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  4. I seem to be one of the only few who don’t hate Margo. I’m not her biggest fan or anything, but I could kind relate to her.

    Also, I feel like this would be a cool list, but in my case, it would be too long.

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  5. I 100% agree with you about Daisy Buchanan….I didn’t like her when I read Gatsby in high school, I liked her even less when I re-read it as an adult, and really despised her in the movie version! Why would a character like Gatsby not quickly get over his youthful infatuation with such a vapid woman? Argh…

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  6. I haven’t read any of those books. Not even Breaking Dawn. I tried, honestly, I did, but I just couldn’t. Twilight was enough for me. Also, Jacob, poor love, he seems to age in dog years. One year he’s a little kid then BAM! he’s in his late teens. That’s got to mess you up a bit.

    You’ve got me thinking about characters I didn’t like… which got me thinking about whether it was better to actively dislike a character than feel absolutely no interest whatsoever. For example, I dislike both Oscar and Lucinda in ‘Oscar and Lucinda’, but I dislike them with a deep abiding passion. They kept me up at night. I was angry about what happened to them for WEEKS after I finished the book. Still am, from time to time.

    On the other hand, I’ve read books where I’ve been irritated by some of the characters… and now I can barely remember them. Somehow, I think this ‘meh’ feeling is probably worse than active dislike.

    I must read Gatsby. Really must.

    Thank you for a very thought provoking post.

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  7. I guess I should dislike Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights as he treats his wife, Isabella (Edgar Linton’s sister) with great cruelty and takes delight in imprisoning his rival Edgar Linton’s daughter, Cathy in Wuthering Heights after forcing her to marry his son. Plus he dispossesses Hareton of his rightful inheritence. However there is a dark brooding side to Heathcliff’s character to which I am drawn and whatever one says about him, Heathcliff certainly cant be described as boring. Kevin

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  8. Oh my GOD – I agree with you in ALL CHARACTERS. I actually think the whole Paper Towns books is unlikable. And I wasn’t able to finish City of Bones out of boredom.

    My favorite unlikable character is Mr. Darcy. No one would ever be or act like him, no matter the time period. Even then I always liked him (and I think everyone else).

    Great post!

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  9. I’m really glad you included The Great Gatsby’s Daisy on this list. She’s just such a delightful character to hate. I personally really love Fitzgerald’s works and what’s unique about his works, in my opinion, is you can almost see his evolution of thought and where the “proto-type” for characters start if you read more of his works. You can almost see Daisy’s character being born in his story “Winter Dreams” in the main love interest Judy Jones. If you enjoyed his story telling, I highly recommend giving some of his other works a read, particularly “Winter Dreams”.

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  10. So much yes with Daisy, not that I warmed to anyone in that book. I do wonder who mine would be. I would need, I think, to differentiate between “love to hate” characters who really added suspense and motivation (the likes of Iago, Severus Snape, Cersei Lannister etc) and characters who one would happily have just done without for being utterly contemptible and / or superfluous to requirements.

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  11. Hi. You just recently said you liked my blog and as you are a book reviewer I was wondering if you could review on of my books if possible. I am willing to send a copy of one of my books to you for free.

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  12. Don’t be bashful! You are teasing me like a movie trailer. Delve! Don’t assume I’ve read the story with you. I’m intrigued. Don’t make me google for the opinion of someone else! Hold me! You got me to show up…

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    1. I would like to rescind this statement. While I still think everyone in The Great Gatsby is pretty terrible and I find it questionable to single out Daisy, I don’t think this comment was particularly well thought out or well-reasoned. (And it was unfair and inaccurate of me to call Nick a blank slate, because he isn’t, really.)

      I felt weirdly defensive of Daisy that day for reasons I can’t quite explain, considering that she’s a vapid, neglectful parent who commits manslaughter and lets someone else take the fall. I should have thought about it more carefully and I apologize for that.


  13. Sorry for commenting so long after this post was written (and after I already commented once), but I’m studying The Great Gatsby for a class and I felt like I had to update my comment on Daisy.

    I disagree with putting Daisy on here, mostly because even if she is vapid, shallow, and a neglectful parent, she’s far from the worst character in The Great Gatsby. Nobody is likable in The Great Gatsby. Tom is a racist adulterer and maybe-abuser (and also a neglectful parent). Nick is a blank slate. Gatsby is a creepy stalker fixated on the idea of a now-married woman he lost years ago and can’t move on. He’s not in love with Daisy, he’s in love with what Daisy represents: acceptance by the upper class.

    …I have stronger opinions about this than I realized.

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  14. I so agree with you! First off, Clary: I didn’t like her because on the one hand she keeps butting into everything, trying to save the world and the people she loves and that makes her “brave”, but she won’t bother learning how to fight and train so she can actually be useful when she tags along for everything! Daisy – super selfish, she never really took on the consequences of her actions (duh, Fitzgerald summarizes that about the Buchanans in the end, but that’s the truth). Those are the top two I feel strongly about.


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