And the band played on: Titanic novel rave and review. 

So I know everyone has heard the tragic story of the White Star Line cruise called the Titanic, who sank on her maiden voyage to New York in 1910. 

But…have you ever read a book about it? No I hadn’t either and that’s crazy considering I live in the place the titanic was constructed and is a national treasure! 

And the band played on by Christopher Ward

Author: Christopher Ward

Publisher: Hodder Paperbacks

Publication date: 1 Mar 2012

Book length: 304

Genre: Non-fiction, historical. 

Goodreads Rating:  

 My Rating:  


The amazing true story of one of the band members who famously played as the Titanic sank, written by his grandson On April 14, 1912, when the Titanic struck an iceberg on her maiden voyage and sank, 1,500 passengers and crew lost their lives. As the order to abandon ship was given, the orchestra took their instruments on deck and continued to play as the ship went down. The violinist, 21 year-old Jock Hume, knew that his fiancée, Mary, was expecting their first child, the author’s mother. A century later, Christopher Ward reveals a dramatic story of love, loss, and betrayal, and the catastrophic impact of Jock’s death on two very different Scottish families. He paints a vivid portrait of an age in which class determined the way people lived—and died. This outstanding piece of historical detective work is also a moving account of how the author’s quest to learn more about his grandfather revealed the shocking truth about a family he thought he knew, a truth that had been hidden for nearly 100 years.
This book tells us everything we need to know about what happened after the titanic sank, and I found this amazing and heartbreaking because I never really thought about all the consequences of the titanic sinking. It affected me so much, this book made me think of things I never would have and it made me feel as if I could imagine the loss that occurred on that fateful day. 

As this is a true story it is quite historically and factually based, but by no means does that make it boring. It’s heart wrenching yet so informative! I learned so much reading this book! I found out about what happened to all the bodies, where they were buried and about the people that attempted to respond to the S.O.S message sent out and how they were just too late. 

There’s not much more I can say on this book without ruining it but I HIGHLY recommend it! It was such an interesting and enjoyable read and I hope you might give it ago! 

Happy reading everyone!

Lish x 

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11 thoughts on “And the band played on: Titanic novel rave and review. 

  1. Looks like a very interesting book. Often the aftermath of a disaster is never fully explored in media, but the trauma of the event goes on long after all the fires are put out. The most acclaimed book on the sinking from what I understand is A Night to Remember by Walter Lord. I’ve yet to read it myself but it’s on the to do list.

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