Finding an independent bookstore. 

I think there is something very impersonal and way to commercial about bookstores such as Waterstones and Easons, I just don’t like how they are laid out.  

I recently went on a weekend break to Londonderry for my boyfriends birthday and while we were sightseeing I found this little place called the craft village! It was the most beautiful and quaint little place I’ve ever seen! Inside it, wouldn’t you know, was a cute second hand independent book shop. It was ADORABLE! 

The Foyle Books, located in the very right hand corner of the picture above, was how I in every way pictured a proper bookshop. They had floor to ceiling bookshelves, and stacks upon stacks of books! There was genuinely very little room to move! 

Foyle books specializes in historical novels and non-fiction all about the history and founding of Londonderry and Ulster! So pretty much the history of my country as a whole. Although they did have a fair share of fiction, YA, graphic novels, plays and poetry, and this place was tiny so I’m sure you can imagine how packed it was! 

Scott and I spent about 45 minutes browsing around this little tiny book shop and by the end of it the two of use were lying on the floor flicking through books. I managed to come out with 2 novels and a graphic novel. 

I got: 

Harry Potter and The half blood prince by J K Rowling. (because I couldn’t bare to leave it there) 

1Q84 books one and two by Haruki Murakami 

Rat Queens Volume 1 by Kurtis J Wiebe

And all for £9!!!!!!!! 

So this was basically just my idea of the perfect sanctuary, lots and lots of cheap books! Do not get me wrong thought they were by no means in horrible condition which just shows you how much care that wee shopkeeper takes in his work. 

I’m going to make a point now of visiting small independent book shops and I think you should to! It’s such a different experience than going to the likes of waterstones! 

(P.s I love waterstones it’s very very convenient! But there’s just somthing about a small bookshop) 

Do you know of any small bookshops? What do you prefer a big chain shop or a small shop? 

Happy reading everyone, 

Lish x

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23 thoughts on “Finding an independent bookstore. 

  1. I actually really like Waterstones – although I rarely buy from them, unless I have a voucher.

    I actualy prefer charity shops or second-hand bookshops, rather than independent, private bookshops. The problem for me is the price when buying books. 3 books for £9, means around £3 each. Although cheaper than Waterstones, I could have bought books from charity shops for perhaps 50p to £1.50, which again is another saving. Also, there are no independent shops like that in my area.

    I also use libraries, if the books I want are too expensive. They’re a great alternative. 🙂

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    1. I need to find a few in my area! Books are very very expensive so I can see why!
      I feel like the libraries are going down hill a little, there never seems to be any new books in them where I’m from.
      Lish x

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      1. My biggest library finds so far was The Girl On The Train. I was vaguely aware that it has got very popular and so I tried it out. I loved it so much, and then saw it in a proper bookshop for £6. I was so glad I’d already read it for free! Then, I stumbled across it in a charity shop for £1 and now have a copy sat safely at home for me to re-read! xD


  2. I definitely prefer independent bookshops! Not only are they usually much cozier and cuter, but they also tend to have a more unique selection of books and different editions that you can’t normally get at the larger bookstores. There’s a tiny indie book shop about half an hour from where I live and it’s my favorite place to go ❤
    Great post!


  3. Um… I’m totally jealous of your book finds and the price! And I feel your dislike for commercial bookstores because they are impersonal. They sell only the brand new books or the overly-popular and there is so much empty space and lack of utilization. It’s like it’s not designed for readers at all, but marketing majors who know nothing about what it means to be a book nerd. *sigh* I’m happy you found a nice bookstore and hope you get to go again!

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  4. The outside is so quirky and cute! I have to agree that indie bookstores are much more personal and intimate… I’m so jealous that you found such a nice one as I live in a rural area with none in sight… Looks like you got some amazing books from this store as well, what a great fine 🙂

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