Starting University…Week one

So I’ve just started university, AND can I just say for reference that I’ve wanted to go to university since I was 11. I mean it’s all I’ve talked about!

So I got accepted into Ulster University in Northern Ireland to study Bcs Honors degree in Speech and Language therapy. First off, a little background on why I choose this course….

I LOVE English and I find accents fascinating! But I also have a love for science and always thought I’d go into a caring or health type profession.  So once I seen that Ulster offered it, I applied via UCAS and also had to sit the HPAT test which is a Health Care professionals aptitude test. Which might I just say was very very very hard. 

So you can I imagine how much I was over the moon when I found out I’d been accepted on the 18th of August. My first day was on the 21st of September and I was terrified. Genuinely 100% terrified. I didn’t know anyone else who was going to my university or anyone who was doing my course so I was starting completely alone. 
On day 1 we got a presentation and workshop from the RCSLT which is the Royal Collage of Speech and Language therapy, they gave us a presentation highlighting the different types of speech impediments and conditions which can occur and how they can effect someone’s ability to speak and produce sound. So as you can imagine this was very eye opening and interesting. 

Day 2: we started our linguistics module on this day and we were taken step by step through loads of common words…but phonetically which is VERY difficult. Out tutors say that the skill to transcribe, read and identify phonetics will come with time….so here’s hoping. 

On Wednesday we started our Developmental foundations module which, so far is my favorite. It’s all about children and how they progress and what is seen as “typical” and “normal” for a child’s development at certain stages of their life. I love this because I love kids, I love children and I really want to work with them in the future so this is so interesting to me! 

We also have an anatomical module because we need to know what makes what happen and what changes in the body when there is a disorder or how the body changes when something like a traumatic brain injury occurs. 

So guys this may not have been interesting or it might have been. I’ve only been in university for a week but so far this is what I’ve learned and begun to learn about. I’m really enjoying it so far and I can’t wait to keep going! 

If you liked this kind of post and would like to hear weekly or monthly updates, let me know! So I know whether to continue haha! 

Well guys happy reading! 

Lish x 

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26 thoughts on “Starting University…Week one

  1. Congrads on making you long-term dream come true!! Too be honest I haven’t given too much thought into the Speech and Language therapy department, so this was pretty interesting (those courses really do sound like a real eye opener). How long did it take you complete the HPAT?

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  2. Glad to hear you’re enjoying university! I’m actually completing my Linguistics degree right now (though I’m not in Speech Path). If you’re looking to talk to someone about your courses, I’d love to talk about it, whether you need help or just want to share what you learned!

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