Sorry I’ve been missing! 

Hey everyone! Alisha here! How have you all been??

I’m so sorry I haven’t uploaded any blog posts recently, my university course is very full on and with work on top of it, it’s hard to make time for a hobby!

The only thing getting me through is tea! 

However as I’m now getting into the swing of things, should hopefully be able to start blogging at least once a week again. I really enjoy blogging and I love talking to you all about everything BOOK related!

So as an easing back into blogging life post I am going to tell you about all the books I’ve read since September! ( because I think that’s the last time I did a wrap up😱)

Reading Wrap-Up!

1) Slade House by David Mitchell Image result for slade house

I gave this book 5 stars

It was so hauntinly chilling but and I could not put it down. I think I read it in one sitting! It did scare me in places but in a way that I wanted more, I highly recommend!



2) A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas Image result for a court of thorns and roses

I gave this book 5 stars

I love anything by Sarah J Maas and even though I had already read this, re-reading it was just as or, maybe even more enjoyable than the first time. I love the world and I know I’ve said this before but Sarah J Maas’s world building ability is just stunning! Again highly recommend!


3) Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone by J.K RowlingImage result for harry potter and the philosophers stone book

I gave this book 5 stars  (Obviously)

I have the american edition hence the Sorcerer’s >>>>

p.s can anyone see a theme here? I was in a bit of a slump so I made a point to read books i knew I would adore.

Do I actually need to say anything about this? Reading this is like going home after a long day of work and snuggling up in front of the open fire with a wee cup of tea.



4) The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater Image result for The Raven Boy

I gave this book 5 stars

So I FINALLY jumped on the band wagon and started this series and now I can wholeheartedly say, I completley understand why people love this series. I only finished this book about 2 days ago and I havent stopped thinking about it and I just want more! I love the entire plot line and I adore the characters!

If you have been putting this off because of the hype I would read it because its brilliant and I dont think you will be disappointed!


5) We should all be feminists by Chimimanda Ngozi Image result for We should all be feministsAdichie

I gave this essay  5 stars

Due to recent events I thought that it was time I started learning more about how women worldwide are treated as a minority group. I think this is a brilliant place to start because it opened my eyes so much and I found it so, so interesting to hear all about Chimimanda’s personal experiences!

I HIGHLY recommend!



I hope this post is enough as a “im sorry I’ve been away” post! Im going to try and upload every Tuesday or Wednesday from now on!

I hope you are all well! Have use any recommendations for me??

Happy reading everyone,

Lish x

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7 thoughts on “Sorry I’ve been missing! 

  1. I’ve only come into David Mitchell recently, but he’s a bloody good writer. Started out with Slade House and rapidly move on to Cloud Atlas and the Bone Clocks. Currently working my way through Ghettoland by Jill Leovy, a book about crime in LA, and it’s incredibly book. Recommended for anyone who likes David Simon.

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  2. I just got my first Chimimanda Ngozi Adichie novel from the library, I have really been wanting to try one out, I haven’t cracked it open yet but I should this month and I can’t wait. I picked up Half of a Yellow Son do have any opinions on that one?

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