2017 reading goals and blog goals!

Happy New Year!

Hey everyone! long time no see! I know my latest blog post was about why I hadn’t been posing, but I think I’d better explain it here.

So if you have been to my blog before you will know that I recently started University this year, Im studying a health care course, Speech and Language therapy. I never realized how time consuming and pretty much mentally draining the first semester of university would be and so, I stopped blogging.

Now do not get me wrong, I knew University would be hard and require a lot of my time, but what I didn’t take into consideration was how it would effect me mentally and physically!

SO…now that first semester is over and I now know how to cope (better) with University, I am going to take up blogging again because I genuinely really enjoyed it! There is nothing I like more than finishing a good book and being able to sit and express how I felt about it and what my thoughts are!

So my blogging goal for 2017 is to try ( and I mean try) and blog at least once a week! and i really hope I can keep it up!

Reading Goals 2017

So in 2016 I read a total of 43 books which was 7 short of my goal of 50, and I for one am quite proud of this! For while I felt pressured to reach my good reads goal, so I didn’t feel like  a failure, but why should I? The pressure I put on myself took all the fun out of reading and that ruined it for me.

This year I have pledged 40 books, but If i get that ill be happy and If I dont? Ill still be happy!

This year I’d like to start reading more crime fiction and true crime as its something that fascinates me, I’d also like to read some more non-fiction and finally delve into the world of poetry (The kind that isnt through at you in school).


So everyone I’m back and I hope you’ll stick with me on my little book blog! I trust you all had an amazing Christmas and  a Happy New Year!

What are your goals for 2017??? Let me know!

Happy Reading,

Lish x

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10 thoughts on “2017 reading goals and blog goals!

  1. My goals are to finish off 52 books (1 per week as I have a backlog of about 200 – ploughing through Barkskins by Annie Proulx at the moment) and try and write two myself, as well as keep up the blog posts.

    Good luck with your target.

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  2. Happy new year Lish!! 🙂 I 100% feel you about the pressures of first term at uni. I had to take a bit of time off myself because this is my first year of uni in the UK and wow they grade harder here than what I’m used to at my home university in America. 😱

    However you’re obviously clever and I believe in you and your goals for the new year! 🙂

    For true crime, I highly recommend reading Truman Capote’s “In Cold Blood”. It’s a strange story written, if I remember right, 10 years after the killers were executed and the perspective alternates between the killers and the detectives following their trail until their paths cross. It’s extremely gripping, gritty, but equally beautiful in writing and execution (pun not intended). Anyway looking forward to reading more of your book reviews!

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