Clover Moon By Jacquline Wilson

First review of 2017 and its a middle – grade!

I was very very lucky to be approved to read and review a copy of Jacqueline Wilson’s latest middle grade book!

Now this meant the world to me because as a child I owned EVERY Jacqueline Wilson book ever published, she was the author that I began reading from on my own and I continued to right up until my early teens, so before I get all nostalgic and carried away..lets get on into the review.


Info!Image result for clover moon

Originally published: 2016
Author: Jacqueline Wilson
Illustrator: Nick Sharrat
Page count: 400
Genres: Middle grade, Historical fiction.
Goodreads Rating: 
My Rating: PSMix_2016-07-08-15-50-16


Clover Moon’s imagination is her best escape from a life of hardship in poverty-stricken Victorian London. When tragedy plunges her into a world of grief, Clover realizes that everything she loved about the place she called home is gone. Clover hears of a place she could run to, but where will she find the courage – and the chance – to break free? And could leaving her family be just what she needs to find a place that really feels like home?

Introducing the brilliant and brave new heroine from the wonderful world of the bestselling and award-winning Jacqueline Wilson.



This book is everything you would expect from a Jacqueline Wilson book, it has been around 7 years from the last time I have read on of her works and this was no let down.Now some may think “Aren’t you a little old to be reading Jacqueline Wilson books?”, The answer is NO! The topics she writes about are still very inspiring for a girl at any age to read.

I cried at this book, I smiled during this book and I felt like I knew the characters, which JW always is able to make seem very real.

This book is set in Victorian London, in a small desolate alley, where Clover Moon, her father, Step-mum, sister and 5 half-brothers and sisters all live. Clover is the eldest child burdened with the responsibility of running a house at age 11, as her step-mum Mildred takes little to no notice of anything other than Clovers mistakes.Image result for clover moon art

When a fatal accident occurs in the alley, Clovers family is struck with the worse possible situation…Scarlet Fever has struck the Moon house.

Clover with the help of a dress maker, an old dear friend, an unexpected encounter and a prestigious house for girls in need, Clover gradually finds her skills and blooms into a bright, imaginative and creative girl. The thing about JW books is that regardless of how old you are you will always appreciate the  underlying message of hope she puts across to her targeted audience and her inclusion of girls from all socio-economic backgrounds.

Jacqueline Wilson is and will always be one of my most favorite authors and if you are a fan of her yourself, regardless of age I would give this one a go. Its typical yet heart-warming and will stay with me for a long time.


I highly recommend this for readers of all ages who love a little heart-warming, easy was delightful!

Happy reading everyone!! 

Lish x

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