Book chat: Changing my reading habits

I grew up In a family that really values reading; my mum, dad, granda, EVERYONE reads constantly. My earliest memory of loving particular books and being completely obsessed with them falls to every Jacqueline Wilson book. From the Suitcase kid to Candyfloss and the all important Tracy Beaker. I adored all of these books and my mum would never fail to get me the latest one when it was released. This was between the ages of around 5 to about 8 or 9.

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I always read here there and every where, but it definitely took a tumble when I was in my early teens, I could happily say I read nothing for at least 3 years. But then Twilight came and like it did for anyone else, it waltzed me into the world of Young Adult fiction. I first watched the movie of Twilight and I genuinely became entranced immediately, it may sound daft but you all know what it’s like when you read or watch something and you just need more ASAP. Well, that’s how it was for me with Twilight, so the day after I watched the movie I went and bought the whole series. I flew through it in a few days and still until today by biggest bookish achievement was that I read Breaking Dawn in 1 day.

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So that began my YA reading habits. I bought all the books in the Young Adult section of Waterstones and easons and just went by doing that for a year or two. Then I discovered booktube, I thought it was amazing a full community dedicated to just books reviews, recommendations, the lot. The past two years have been full of amazing YA fantasy, contemporary and dystopian books that I probably would never have picked up. Now I’m not saying particular genres have an age limit OR that I’m going to stop reading YA (cause that would be impossible because yanno feels). But I do think it’s time to start reading outside the YA Genre, such as non-fiction, books from marginalised authors etc etc. SOO the point of this post is to say, its ok to change your reading habits AND can you all please send me some recommendations? Any books you think might be a good lay way into new genres.

So everyone, thanks for reading

Lish x

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14 thoughts on “Book chat: Changing my reading habits

  1. I’m working my way through the women Nobel Laureates which includes fiction for the literature winners, non-fiction memoirs for the peace and some science winners, and discoveries for the rest of the science winners. The books tend to be authors in translations. Its an easy way to get started, especially if you enjoy memoirs like I do.

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  2. I like YA and have never stopped reading them, but I also like Sci-fi and fantasy. Game of Thrones would be a good one. My favorite non-fiction was Catch Me If You Can, and my favorite recent memoir was You’re Never Weird on the Internet. YA is just a small part of the engaging literature that is out there!

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  3. If you liked reading lots of supernatural YA, horror might be another genre you could easily transition into. Stephen King might be pushing it, but his son is apparently an amazing author as well…I think his name is Owen King? You could give that a try…

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  4. It’s good to hear that you want to explore more genres. I find some YA books (Labyrinth Lost is a good example) have an age limit to them, and I cannot connect with the characters as easily as I can with the ones in ACOTAR.

    You can always try paranormal romance. I was hesitant at first because I’m not a huge fan of the latter, but I found good series/authors, like Gnea Showalter and J. R. Ward. Even Game of Thrones may spark some interest.

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    1. I just think it’s easy to get caught up in what your used to and I am probably missing a whole world of amazing books! I have some J. r ward books so I might give them ago!!!
      Thanks for stopping by! Lish x

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