New World Fairy Tales : Rave and Review

Hello everyone!!! Sorry I didn’t post last week and I am late posting this week, I am currently on a trip to Liverpool with my family. I’ll be back on tract next week!!! 

Date of publication: 15th December 2011

Author: Cassandra Parkin

Page count: 155

Genres: Short Story Collection

Goodreads Rating: 

My Rating: 


So this is a review of New World Fairy Tales by Cassandra Parkin, which is a short story collection of fairy tale retellings set our modern, contemporary world. The stories are also carried out in the format of an interview, some stories have a very clear fairy tale element and others are hard to determine. 

The best way I think to do this review is to write a small, spoiler free review of each story, so I hope you enjoy. 

New world fairytales Interview #4 

I loved this story! Cinderella had always been one of my favorite fairy tales but the way Cassandra has retold this in a modern way is amazing. 5⭐️
This story had some every important and relevant political themes. It was very intriguing and one of the best story’s in this collection. The fairy tale in this one is a litter harder to determine right away, but is very very well done. This story raised very important questions. 5⭐️
I think I might need to reread this this story, I just didn’t click with it at all. I was able to tell the story it was inspired from but I didn’t enjoy the way in which it was told. So for now 2⭐️
This one was really interesting and the ending actually surprised me. I had to go back and reread it once I finished it. The characters in this story were very complex and very well thought through. I am very impressed with this one. 3.5⭐️
I liked this one but I didn’t love it. I did like the fact that it played with very important and relevant themes and also the presence of the LGBTQ+ characters. Again in this one the characters were very complex and I really enjoyed reading it. This is a solid 3 ⭐️

Ok this was a favourite of fine. This is probably the second best short story in this collection. It was sucha unique and creative way to tell a story based on Snow White. You can really see the influence from the Original fairytale yet it is complete story of its own. 5⭐️

So all in all I really enjoyed this short story collection, it was actually the first short story collection I’ve read. I did feel sometimes that I was left wanting more but I’m aware a lot of people feel that way after reading short story collections! 

So I hope you have enjoyed this review and I would recommend this book if you enjoy fairy tale retellings! 

I hope you are all having a good week and I shall be back with “HOPEFULLY” a review of Tower of Dawn next week. 

If you have any short story recommendations for me please leave them in the comments as I would love to read more!! 

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