I’d like to try again…

So I really enjoyed having this blog over the past 2 years even though I’ve been pretty inconsistent posting on it.

Well I’d like that to change.

I don’t want to make myself post at a specific time every week or every second day etc.

so from now on I’m just going to write how and when I feel. There will be book related stuffs on here as per usual because let’s be honest we all love book blogs BUT I’m going to start writing more honest posts about life and what I’m up to and where I’m going etc.

Feel free to continue reading but If this is not for you that’s fine.

I’d like to thank theBloggess for inspiring me again. I haven’t laughed so much in a long time and I feel furiously happy to be motivated to write again.

Thanks guys

Alisha x

11 thoughts on “I’d like to try again…

  1. Alisha,
    Still going through a dry spell myself so I know what a challenge writing can be.
    Life is continually full of changes, sometimes very surprising ones and sometimes ones we have seen (or should have!) seen coming for some time. The challenge is when or if to share those thoughts and changes. Distillation is good for both whiskey and writing!


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