New beginnings

Long time no see!

I have to apologise to my absence over the past year.

I adored starting this blog and was really enjoying writing my feelings on the books I’d been reading BUT, I think I may have started it at the wrong time.

I wrote a post on here 3 years ago explaining that I had been accepted to university to study my dream course, Speech and Language Therapy. The course was incredible, I was taught by some of the smartest and inspiring women I have had the pleasure to meet. The 3 years were very difficult as it was an honours degree (meaning it was 3 years instead of 4) so it was very faced paced and consuming.

It was full of ups and downs, full of trying hard and maybe not trying hard enough. I met incredible people who work in teams all across our NHS to aid those with speech, language, communication and swallowing needs. I would like to say I enjoyed every minute of it but truth be told….Uni is hard, very hard.

That being said, I made it.

On the 3rd of July I graduated as a fully qualified Speech and Language Therapist!!!

Look here’s proof!

So now that I have achieved what I have always wanted, I can now make time to pursue my other love. Reading.

Throughout uni I missed being able to read when I liked and for however long I liked, but now its time to make up for lost worlds and characters. Since finishing uni 3 months ago I have read 15 books!! So I have plenty to share with you all.

So keep an eye out, ill be back with a bang and I am looking forward to it. I’ve missed talking with you all!

Speak soon,

Lish x

Come say Hi on social media if you want!

Twitter – @Lishwells19

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Instagram – @Alishas_words

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