Daisy Jones and The Six – Rave and Review

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How are you all this week? Reading anything interesting?

I have had a CRAZY week (and its only Tuesday), between working and a few family problems, I cannot wait to have a few minutes to lose myself in a book!

So onto the review:

Daisy Jones and The Six

Date of publication: 5th March 2019


Author: Taylor Jenkins Reid
Page count: 336
Country: USA

Genres: Historical Fiction/ Drama/ Contemporary
Goodreads Rating:

4 stars

My Rating:

4 stars

Synopsis (taken from goodreads):

Everyone knows Daisy Jones & The Six, but nobody knows the reason behind their split at the absolute height of their popularity . . . until now.

Daisy is a girl coming of age in L.A. in the late sixties, sneaking into clubs on the Sunset Strip, sleeping with rock stars, and dreaming of singing at the Whisky a Go Go. The sex and drugs are thrilling, but it’s the rock and roll she loves most. By the time she’s twenty, her voice is getting noticed, and she has the kind of heedless beauty that makes people do crazy things.

Also getting noticed is The Six, a band led by the brooding Billy Dunne. On the eve of their first tour, his girlfriend Camila finds out she’s pregnant, and with the pressure of impending fatherhood and fame, Billy goes a little wild on the road.

Daisy and Billy cross paths when a producer realises that the key to supercharged success is to put the two together. What happens next will become the stuff of legend.


I have so much to say about this book that I don’t even know how to say it.

First of all, THE CHARACTERS! I have read many, many throughout my lifetime where I have felt as though the characters are real, but this book. THIS BOOK. When I finished reading this book I googled if the band was real. I knew they weren’t, but I had to check because a part of me just wasn’t sure.

Taylor Jenkins Reid’s (TJR) ability to create such 3 dimensional characters that are all so different yet cohesive in the story is just incredible. I have never read a book like it. I have to admit it took me a while to like the characters, and if I am honest, I probably finished the book still not liking both Daisy and Billy. But I think that was kind of the point?

Daisy is a self-centred, drug addicted, talented teenager living it up in California in the 1970s. She can be infuriating and has no sense of consequence BUT shes real, so very real. I hated her but I wanted her to do well, I was rooting for her to get over all the drama and troubles and come out the end!
“I wore what I wanted when I wanted. I did what I wanted with who I wanted. And if somebody didn’t like it, screw ’em.” Daisy Jones.

Billy Dunne, if he was real and I was a teenager in the 1970’s (I wasn’t even born) I would have been in LOVE with him, TJR created the epitome of sex, drugs and rock n roll in Billy and I ate it up. I felt for him when things weren’t going well and I rocked with him when he was on top of the world. It was incredible.

Now if you know anything about this book you will know that it is told in the format of an the band being interviewed, and each member of the band has their say. They are technically side characters but yet the book wouldn’t be anything without them! I cannot talk about them all in this review or we will be here for days, but believe me, they are all individually essential and pivotal to the overall story.

Aside from the characters and the format of the book, TJR knocked it out of the park with setting the scene of 70’s rock n roll in LA, I felt as though I was there. I could hear the music, smell the smoke and taste the alcohol. The book is so surprising immersive! AND THE MUSIC. I need the album. I want to hear all the songs on the album. Who knew TJR was a lyricist!

The interview format of the book made it as though you are sitting there yourself with the band going through this agonising, yet fantastical tales AND THE END. Oh my TJR done that little nugget of gold amazingly. When I realised what was going on, I got so excited and emotional.

I don’t like telling everything in a review, because I myself love reading a review and running to get that book asap. So I’ll stop here, however I will link the Washing Post review for Daisy Jones if you want to read more!

Long story short though, it was incredible and I already want to read it again!

What have you all been reading lately? Have any recommendations for me? Leave a comment below!
Happy reading guys,
Lish x

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