Book Chat: Slumps and losing steam 📚

Hey guys,

How are we all this week?

Have you read anything new and noteworthy? Let me know please as I am in dire need of some recommendations!

So, today I’ve decided to come on and have a chat with you all about the bookish community, expectations and pressure!

I have been struggling lately to work my way into the ‘bookish community’ despite trying to be as active on social media as I can.

Now don’t get me wrong I am 100% aware that there are SO many people in the bookish community across many platforms, including YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. But I feel as though, as a new blogger/ bookish community member it can be an impenetrable place to get into. I started this blog last year as a place for me to discuss my feelings on the books I’m reading, with this community. I don’t have anyone in my personal life that enjoys reading so I never have anyone to chat through my thoughts and feelings with.

That being said, I’m not moaning about it, I still love writing my thoughts about the books I’m reading, but it would just be nice to have discussions with others, instead of talking to myself everyday🤣

Another thing I’ve been dealing with lately is SLUMPS, oh god no😭. It is so confusing because I WANT to read but I just can’t seem to find the energy to do so. I keep finding myself scrolling through booktube when I hsve allocated time to read because I just cannot be bothered. Which believe me is not some where I want to be mentally, I love reading, so WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN.

It has a knock on affect for my blog as well because as you would expect, if I’m not reading, then I don’t have much to discuss. This is a frustrating place to be in because I am really attached to my blog and I really do genuinely enjoy creating bookish content.

It seems to be a thing a lot of people expeience and I KNOW I am not the only one, but it is nice to express it some times. I recently watched BooksandLalas vlog and she mentioned a lot of things that made me evaluate and sympathise with. P.s I by no means think I have the content stress Lala does but the general principle is there 🤣

So there we go guys, sorry that was a bit of s rant but it is where I am at presently with my reading and blogging life.

I am currently reading📚:

One of us is Lying and Mooncakes so I will hopefully have reviews coming for both of them soon!🤞

Have any of you ever felt this way? Have you any tips for making friends in this community? Let me know!

I hope you are all keeping well!

Happy reading guys,
Lish x

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15 thoughts on “Book Chat: Slumps and losing steam 📚

  1. Just don’t stop reading or writing! That’s the surest way to be a part of the bookish community!
    Try out something to get over your reading slump, maybe not reading for a day might help as well😊
    I’m currently reading Little Women in preparation of the movie release later this year.
    I have the same problems as you do, and in terms of blogging, I have spurts when I write almost daily and then there is nothing. Haha but that’s ok, choose your own pace and own thing because then this will be fun😊

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      1. Hahaha I got that the first time around.. silt spellchecks.. think they know better than us lol

        I have read the book before too, when I was a kid I think, but it’s still refreshing to read something that is oozing with kindness, love and good things. At least that’s how it is so far.. I still love Jo’s character the best 😊


  2. That slump stuff is real. I’m kind of in a genre slump. I use to read everything, but now I find I can only really get into adult romance or graphic novels. Mooncakes was very pure and adorable! I hope you’re enjoying it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve had the odd one before but this one isn’t shifting! So I’m trying to explore new genres, almost the opposite of you hah🤣
      I’ve just finished Mooncakes and I adored it!!! Thanks for asking.


      1. haha! I hope we can both find stuff we like! There’s a lot of cool fantasy that’s coming out this fall. I want to try An Unkindness of Magicians because I’ve heard that it’s good!


  3. Been in many a slump in my past so I know the feeling! Sometimes you gotta force yourself to keep going when you don’t feel like it, but sometimes it’s okay to take breaks too!! Care for yourself!

    I’m pretty new to the book community myself (new baby blog!!) but since I focus on 18+ literature I’m sure my blog won’t actually get much traction. Niche market haha. But you gotta do it for the love of it yeah? Follow your passion!!

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    1. I keep trying to find new things I wouldn’t normally read to see if it peaks my interest again so here’s hoping!
      Niche market yes, but everyone secretly loves it so hopefully you’ll begin to see some visitors!!!

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  4. Whenever I’m having a reading slump, I always end up reaching for a graphic novel? Can power through one way quicker and it’s a little easier reading. If you’ve not checked it out, I recently read “Heartstopper” by Alice Oseman and loved it. Also would rate “Nimona” by Noelle Stevenson highly. I think both of them are still available as web-comics too?

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