A Little Bit About Me

Hi Readers!

I’m Alisha and as you can probably tell I am completely OBSESSED with anything book or bookish related. I adore reading, it is my most enjoyable pass-time and something I am so passionate about.

So instead of just reading a book and moving on, I have decided to share my thoughts on each book I read. I read a wide range of books but mostly Y/A, fantasy, crime, thriller and a little bit of romance when the need strikes!


So here is a little bit on me myself,

I am 22 years old and from Belfast, Northern Ireland. I am a newly qualified Speech and Language Therapist as I have just finished a 3 year course in University which was amazing but very difficult.

If that all fails on me then I think ill start a coffee/bookshop somewhere in Belfast, that would be a great way to spend my timešŸ¤£.

I hope you enjoy my posts and my insights on the books I have read. Any recommendations and advice are HIGHLY encouraged!

If you want to say hi just pop over to the contact page! I’m definitely up for a conversation!

Happy reading guys,
Lish x

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